How Beeyodo Works

The astounding potential of online crowd-funding is still largely restricted by low Internet penetration in India. As per FICCI-KPMG estimates India has achieved 19 percent internet penetration as compared to 46 percent in china, 53 percent in Brazil, 60 percent in Russia 86 percent in Japan 87 percent in US and 90percent in UK. We, at beeyodo, aspire to reach out to these people who are yet to avail the benefits of internet and crowd-funding in turn. Leveraging the potential of social media networking combined with in-house research we proactively extend our services to those whose causes often die out in the dark unattended. If you know any such person nearby who's suffering from lack of resources, let us know and we will bring his story forward and present it to the millions of good Samaritans spread all across the world. Contact us here.

However, if you want to tell your story and start fundraising all by yourself you are more than welcome. Just sign in and get started. Listing a project is absolutely free in Beeyodo. Our team also helps to prepare the ideal campaign for all types of fundraisers free of cost. Beeyodo charges 6 or 8 percent (depending on the nature of the project) of total donation received as fees to continue its operations and expand its coverage.

Why Beeyodo?

Beeyodo does not act as a mere accumulator of fundraising projects. Raising the total amount within pre-specified tenure is the only goal that we pursue.


We don't run numerous projects at a time and in turn ensure maximum visibility.


Promotion is entirely our responsibility. One who requires fund can do it as well but if he/she cannot do that, it's not at all a roadblock.


Listing a cause in Beeyodo is absolutely free.


We associate with you to prepare the ideal pitch-material (including audio-visual) for your fundraising project absolutely free of cost.


No enhanced fees charged for partially successful campaigns